Total delivery time is composed of two parts. The first part is the processing time. This is the time from when your payment is received to when we gather up all the items and package them. The second part is the actual shipping time. This is the time that it takes for the package to be delivered by the couriers to the destination. Orders processing takes 1-5 days normally.We ship to over 193 countries worldwide!

Customers in the United States and Europe can order products free shipping, express shipping 7-15 days delivery, other areas require customers to pay shipping costs, express shipping 7-20 days delivery (whether the need for shipping costs according to the order display)

Once your goods are sent out we will email you with a tracking number so you can trace your delivery any time you want.

If a missing issue arises, we will reship your order immediately.


KOHEEL currently ships small and medium sized orders by international couriers.The price quoted for the item includes shipping.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us. In this email, there should be the tracking information for your packages as well as the website in which you could track your order at.


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