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What are gap teeth?

When you have extra space between two or more of your teeth, your doctor calls this spacing issues or gap teeth.


What kinds of problems can gap teeth cause?

Gap teeth can create pockets between your teeth and gums where food can get stuck. It can make your gums tender and sore and even lead to gum disease.


Can KOHEEL teeth aligners fix gap teeth?

Yes, KOHEEL D PLUS N Teeth Straightener is designed for Gap teeth, Crooked Teeth, Misaligned teeth, Crossbite, Crowded Teeth. It is elastic and suitable for wearing on most common dental patterns, it can adjust the strength to create better effect.
Braces are designed according to the European aesthetic standards of dental arches.The purpose of correction is to quide indexes close to the standard value such as the ratio of front and back teeth. teeth spacing. and turnover degree of upper and lower teeth. The blue braces act as model braces to limit the movement of the teeth within the appropriate range.D PLUS N can effectively correct incorrectly positioned teeth.When used at night, it will not interfere with your work and life.

How to use:
This aligner is used for 2 hours before bedtime on the white model daytime and for 6 hours or more on the blue model nighttime.
Daytime braces are usually worn at noon or at night before bedtime, nighttime braces are worn during bedtime.

Phase I
Adhere to daily use of day braces and night braces (light blue), takes about 4-6 months. You can contact us every two months to confirm the progress of the correction.
Phase II
Adhere to daily use of day braces and night braces (dark blue), takes about 4-8 months. The correction continues until you are satisfied with the results, then move on to the third stage.
Phase III
After orthodontic treatment, wear the white braces used in the third stage for a period of time to permanently consolidate the effect of orthodontic treatment.

Kindly Noted:
1. At first, do not twist the daily braces too tightly, the teeth bite naturally, no need to force;
2. At the beginning, if you feel uncomfortable, you can first reduce the wearing time and slowly increase;
3. If the braces do not fit the teeth or rub the gums, you can trim the protruding part on top of the braces;
4. If you don't know anything, please feel free to contact us or watch the operation video.

Cleaning and Maintenance
It can be cleaned with toothbrush and toothpaste.
When not wearing it, place the braces in the storage box.

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