Crooked teeth, also known as dental crowding, is the most common in patients with malocclusion, 60-70% of patients with malocclusion can see the presence of crowding. The incidence of dental caries and periodontal disease in crowded teeth is higher than that of normally aligned teeth.

Crooked teeth may be more common in our daily life, many people are deeply affected by the hazards of crooked teeth, so what are the hazards of growing crooked teeth?

1. Affect the normal function of the patient's oral cavity, causing abnormal chewing function, affecting the health of periodontal tissues, causing disorders of the jaw joint, etc.

2. Aaffect the periodontal tissue health and oral hygiene: when the teeth are crowded and misaligned, because it is not easy to self-clean, it is more likely to breed oral bacteria, which can cause gum and periodontal inflammation, at the same time, the misaligned teeth can affect the health of periodontal tissue due to occlusion abnormalities.

3. Affect the psychological health: dental misalignment not only affects the appearance, and even affect the choice of social and professional, mental and psychological impact.

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