Personal Care

KOHEEL Toe Separators, Bunion Corrector, Toe Straightener for Women and Men, Restore Toes to Their Original Shape, Treat Hammer Toe 

3-IN-1 KIT: Includes KOHEEL Bunion Corrector, 1 Big Toe Separator and 2 Silicone Toe Protector. It provides all-day protection and can be used to prevent recurrence. The Corrector fits most people's foot sizes (4-10 in the US). Easy to clean and reusable.

KOHEEL SP Dental Chewing Tools for Adults, Preventing Gum Recession, Loose Teeth and Misaligned Teeth, Sensory Oral Exercise

Causes of dental bed problems: usually our chewing habits only use and activate part of the teeth, infrequently used periodontal tissues are susceptible to disuse gingival atrophy, which can cause teeth loosening, displacement or lesions, thus reducing the life span of the...
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