KOHEEL is a professional personal care brand that focuses mainly on oral care, With solid production, R&D and fast delivery capabilities, Our brand was established in 2005, In the early days, KOHEEL provided traditional orthodontic solutions and oral care related products for dentists and institutions, Based on a large amount of orthodontic and oral care data, we have developed a series of representative products in combination with proven technologies:

2016 At-home teeth straightener series is born

2018 the world's first occlusion-guided braces were created

2019 the world's first composite material teeth straightener series is born

2019 Nighttime anti-grinding dental guard series is born

2020 the world's first teeth grinding correction product is born

We are currently working on TMJ research and product development, If you are following this issue, keep an eye out for our product updates.

KOHEEL is constantly optimizing and innovating its products and services based on experience and technological advances to become a personal care brand you love and trust more.

Email: service@koheel.com

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